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Academic Orientation

Spain is one of the most attractive academic propositions in the world and offers unrivalled student experiences. Whether you’re looking for access to Spanish Universities through a Spanish course, a University Pathway Programme or would like to enrol in a Vocational School, we are partnered with the most reputed institutes in Spain and whether through our global agency partners or through SISG directly, we design your academic pathway by orientating you towards the most suitable courses and institutes based on listening to your requirements and necessities as well as assessing your academic background to ensure minimum requirements are met.

Course Enrolment

Partnered with the most reputed institutes in all of Spain in both the private and public sectors, we enrol our students on their required choice of course and city – provided they meet the minimum requirements. We offer enrolment in the following course types: Spanish Language Courses, University Pathway Programmes, Vocational Studies, Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD’s and Medical Residency Programmes.

Visa Application Support

Upon your enrolment onto your desired course, either through our global agency partners or through SISG, our visa application experts will assist you with your visa application, ensuring that you have all your paperwork in order, meet the minimum economic requirements, guide you through the process and provide you with astute tips to enhance your opportunities in obtaining a student visa.

Academic Aftercare

Once a student has completed the initial course they came to Spain for, we provide an aftercare service which includes enrolment onto the next phase of their academic path, renewal of the Student Residency Card and Relocation Support to another city (if necessary).

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