Gain Local Representation

Trusted by Ministries of Education of numerous states as well as the world’s leading education agencies, Study in Spain Global (SISG) offers existing and potential partners the opportunity to be represented in the most positive light possible here in Spain. We are essentially extensions of all our global partners, ensuring that we maintain exceptionally high levels of service towards their students.

Potential partners who would like to differentiate themselves from competitors in their local market are welcome to contact us to offer services that very few can deliver.

Distinguish Yourself

By offering our services to your students, not only do you stand out from your competitors, but you would also help increase your reputation and as a result, increase your student intake and revenue year on year. Making the difference often leads to significant growth potential.

Your Reliable Partner in Spain

Whether you need assistance in Academic Support and / or would like to offer your clients extensive Student Services, Study in Spain Global is your perfect partner to deliver an exceptional service that has been the result of over a decade of reliable partnerships, the recruitment of experienced consultants and the assistance to more than 15,000 students.

We would be happy to hear from potential partners and discuss with them their requirements with the view of supporting their commercial objectives and grow together hand in hand.

Let’s have a chat!

We continue to make a difference to thousands of students every year and would love to hear from prospective students and partners.