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Relocation Support

Whether you are looking for your own space or wanting an immersive experience in Spain, through our extensive network, we offer varying accommodation to suit all budgets and lifestyles – in every corner of Spain. In order to enjoy the best availability and prices, we recommend all accommodation to be reserved by June of every year. Upon the acceptance of a proposition, payment must be made within 7 days so as to secure the chosen property. Please note that the reservation of accommodation is a consular requirement and forms part of the visa application.

Student Residency Card Support

It is a consular requirement that upon arrival in Spain, all non-EU students must hold a Student Residency Card (NIE or TIE) within 30 calendar days from arriving in Spain. We will process the application within a favourable timeframe due to our relationship with all local foreign offices in Spain. An additional fee of 17€ is required to be paid to the foreign office through your Spanish bank account.

Homologation Support

All students enrolled on a Spanish course (with the view of accessing universities), a University Pathway Programme, a Master or a PhD, must have their previous academic qualifications homologated in order to establish the conversion into the Spanish system and access the course of choice. We will process the application within a favourable timeframe due to our relationship with the Spanish ministry of education. An additional fee of 50€ is required to be paid to the ministry of education through your Spanish bank account.

Airport Transfer

Arriving in a foreign country can be a daunting experience, and what best way to arrive than being welcomed at the airport and safely driven to your accommodation as soon as you set foot onto Spanish soil with one of our selected partners’ fleet of clean, comfortable and fully insured modern cars.

Spanish Bank Account

A key component of a student’s stay in Spain is the opening of a Spanish bank account. Apart from needing one to receive your monthly allowance, you will also need one for the Student Residency Card and Homologation processes. We have existing relationships with Spain’s leading banks and offer our students bank accounts with favourable conditions that are not available to the general public.

Spanish Private Health Insurance

In order to study in Spain, it is a consular requirement that all non-EU students possess a fully comprehensive Private Health Insurance Policy that covers any illness or accident during their stay in Spain. Most Spanish embassies globally demand that a fully comprehensive policy is acquired through a Spanish insurer, and we have agreements in place with Spain’s leading insurers with special prices for SISG students. Apart from being a legal requirement in Spain for non-EU students, it is essential that students are fully covered for their own safety.

Note: Students that have an international health insurance from their country of origin are strongly recommended to investigate all policy procedures, requirements and limitations of their insurance. It is better to be proactive than trying to deal with an emergency after it arises. Before acquiring a policy from your country of origin, it may be worth noting that most Spanish embassies require a policy to be acquired from a Spanish insurer and so local insurance may not be valid.

Translation Services

In order to undergo the Homologation process, all academic certification and legal documents must be translated into Spanish and apostilled before being submitted. Our translation partner offers our students some of the most competitive rates in the country in almost every language. Please enquire about your language, and we’ll inform you of the possibilities and timeframes.

Spanish Sim Card

Upon your arrival at the airport in Spain, your driver will give you a Spanish SIM card from a leading provider with 1 month pre-loaded (Unlimited National Minutes, 50GB Data, 800 International Minutes). Your new Spanish number will be a key component for all processes that need to be undertaken in Spain including the opening of a bank account, homologation and residency card applications.

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